One of Those Posts 

Hello beautiful ones.. Random stuff from the peanut gallery. I’ll be posting a poem soon. Hope everyone had a lovely New Year’s day. I’m so happy to see 2019. There’s already a sense of renewal and grace. 

Here’s a few pictures from New Year’s Eve and the motley crew I call friends. I was honored to just take the photos. 

Also a new year calls for a new home.  We downsized awhile back into an apartment, but are ready to get back into a home of our own. I thought I’d share a few of the houses in our price range that caught my eye. We’re going to take our time, still wondering if it might be better to buy some land and build.  It’s just exciting to start planning.  It’s  lovely to live in an area where the cost of living is low. Homes are more than reasonable around here. 

And my favorite.

Anf now from the cats in my life, although only the last one is technically mine 😎

The greatest cat ever

Let’s end with a tune xx