24 thoughts on “I’m A Creep

  1. Thats funny cos I was singing this song myself last week when I was out n about! I like to think what songs need backing vocals, you know like a chorus line? So I was thinking how Creep would sound if when he goes “I’m a creep” they sing back “He’s a creep” and he goes “I’m a weirdo” And they echo “He’s a weirdo” and so forth! Oh well, I call it humour, or amusing myself at least!

    I knew it was you anyhow mrs T! Very nicely done, even without the backing vocals!! 😀 ❤ xx


      1. Could have a whole segment with just the girls doing “he’s a creep, he a weirdo, what the hell is he doing here? He don’t belong here” then the guitar comes back in! Would be great at Glastonbury! 😁😂Xx


  2. Creep is probably the only Radiohead song I like. I think they might be the most overrated band of all time. Some people have been offended by that opinion, but I don’t get them. You are not responsible for their shortcomings & of course have beautiful singing skills!


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