The Will Of Grace

Now that the worst
is over, she can finally see,
that thanks to him
she’s where she’s suppose
to be. He, her
unanswered prayer,
and what a gift
it turned out to be.
Her loss became a gain.
She’s happy now.

She’ll always be grateful
that he let her in,
finally at peace with
time spent .knowing
it wasn’t wasted.
She sees him now as
he really was.
Maybe, she always did
She’s left behind his
sideways gravity,
a half note fallen
from the sky

There was a moment when
she could have loved him
best, but the long view
had other plans.
Het bare soul now
rest with the soul
of the beloved. In him,
she sees her better self.

She hopes her unanswered
prayer is well and
living a good lived
life, one worth writing
about. Her wish is that
destructive patterns
have been broken, and
he’s full of confidence
and inner strength.

If they ever meet again,
she’ll greet him with
kindness, not bitterness,
or forgetfulness,
like the rest.

She’s thankful for every
hour they spent
Her sweet friend of
moonlight talks and
city walks.

For awhile, how she believed
in him.
How he believed in her.
For a time, how she
grieved for him.
Noe she hope
he’s happier than he’s
ever been, charming
many with his gift
of gab, content with
someone meant only
for him.

-Tosha Michelle


24 thoughts on “The Will Of Grace

    1. Aww thanks. Sometimes we have to endure really painful losses on our journey to happiness. I really believe everything happens for a reason. I think once we understand that, life becomes easier. It’s sure no fun when you’re going through adversity though. It’s been a rough couple of years for me, so glad to be in a content place now. Of course, I’m anxious by nature so it’s not all picnics and ice cream. Overall, I am very blessed though.I hope you’re doing well and having a really good day so far

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much… This day was busy but in a very good way. All in all, my last couple of years have been rough, too, but I can honestly say things are looking up and I’m sooooo grateful!!! Have a blessed weekend!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Truly beautiful❤, Tosha.
    Time often has a plan of it’s own, against our will with tears in tow.
    It’s a wonderful gift, to let go and find what’s needed when the time is right.

    Liked by 1 person

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