Monday Motivation 

Hello there fellow WP peeps. Happy Monday. I give you a song and some visual inspiration to start your wrek. Definitely want to do a cover of this beautiful tune. Listen below. I love these lyrics and song so much. It’s called “Higher I Will Go” Hope you like it as much as I do. 

“It’s gonna take some time to get there
/ And you gotta fight for what you love  /Gotta keep on pushing forward /Showing the world what you’re made of.

But there is a song, rising from the ashes /And there is a hope, that’s bigger than my fears /There is a love, stronger than my failures :And it’s callin’ me higher  

So Higher I Will Go”

And now for some Monday silliness and inspiration. 


18 thoughts on “Monday Motivation 

    1. It’s not that deep. If you read any of my poetry, I do talk about those things. However, I have a lighthearted side too, which is what this post was about. Thanks for the feedback though. Have a lovely day.


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