Valentines, Cupid, Judge Judy, and A Poem.

Oh and flowers, candy, kittens, and the newest Kindle. Reading is fundamental. 😍Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful ones. Don’t you roll your eyes at me! 😜  Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, today can be a wonderful time not only to celebrate the love of your life, but also the love IN your life. Love is beautiful in all its forms. You might also want to remember how truly special you are. Shoot yourself with a bow of self love, not literally of course. “But your honor, she told me too” 😙

Before this turns into Judge Judy, here’s a new poem of mine. But first Tucker has a message for you all.​

​Wishing you all the love that you can handle, and chocolate too.❤️

Sometimes love finds us
where there’s history,
in a tapestry that refuses
to be worn away.
Proving that nothing truly
loved is forgotten.
Here you can rest for days
and leave the map.
The sullen iciness of days
misspent, replaced by the
warmth of the sun’s gaze.
Hearts touched by the
grace of transparency.
Standing on soulful, solid
ground, grateful for the earth,
and the tenderness it returns.
Knowing nothing is endless,
all beginnings end, but
solace is found in each moment,
loved and loving.

-Tosha Michelle


39 thoughts on “Valentines, Cupid, Judge Judy, and A Poem.

      1. I am…spreading the love out here in the waiting room while my beloved has her dialysis. Bought her…a half-dozen red roses that actually has a scent…I’ll unload the groceries when we return home…!

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  1. Beautiful, meaningful thoughts in your poetry. And Tucker’s responses are precious, with the slow blinks (meaning love) at “V-day” and “love,” and the big-eyed, half-turn “Him Fatale” stares elsewhere! Thanks for the Valentine’s wishes, and a love-filled one to you, as well.

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  2. A very lovely poem from a very lovely lady. I hope that you had a great Valentine’s Day. I see that you showed love to you kitty who probably loves you back. Thank you for your poem and for being an amazing lady. This made my Valentine’s Day feel special.

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      1. I’m sorry. My stupid eyes. I got you confused with Jonathan Caswell from the Mighty Munford. Sorry about that. I hope you’re feeling better and that you find someone special to spend the next Valentine’s Day with.

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      2. Thank you very much and lovely Tosha. I am starting to feel better, and I am hoping that I do not have to have surgery, and I do hope to have someone to spend Valentine’s Day with some day.

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