Life in Motion

The encyclopedia of my life
dwells inside my mind.
Home is found in my personal history.
My world is located here.
The trajectory of a moonlight
path. The sun upon my face.
My mother’s embrace. The
voices of friends. Love lost
Love found The purr of my cat.
My daughters’ laughter. My
Father’s smile. These things
give me purpose.

My life has been a slow
awakening. With the passing
of each year, I become more
aware, more alive. Time has
a way of opening eyes. It’s
midday and the mist never
clears completely.
I’m still struggling in a dimly
lit room. Trying to understand
where my place is in the
swirling of seasons, places
and things. I yawn and stretch,
hungry for the unknown, the unborn poem,
the next adventure, to exist wholly,
before the fadeout begins.

-Tosha Michelle


62 thoughts on “Life in Motion

  1. Beautiful! “My life has been a slow awakening”, that’s possibly the best one can do in this life, away from the extremes of never learning and shock realisations. Slow learning, slow maturation, sounds so much like Lao Tzu. Thanks for posting and good luck in your path.

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  2. Hi Tosha, I have been off beat for awhile, and this is the first poem by you I have read since the New Year, so hope it will be a great year for you. I loved the poem, as it eked out the very innards of you. ( I did not know that you had a daughter-well done!). It is a shame that such a talented and sharing person should carry so much self doubt, so it is my wish for you that you could find your meaning and being, and find the happiness we all need. I remember the Marmalade back from the early 70″s including this song, and some quite interesting covers of some of the Beatles songs. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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