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Hey y’all. Happy Thursday! Isn’t October such a beautiful month? I love the cooler weather.  I hope you all are enjoying it too. I appreciate your continued support of my blog. WP is such a lovely community. I’ve really lost my taste for social media recently, but I always feel at home here. Thanks for that. 

Okay, now just a few random things for today in my typical list fashion. 

1. I am having outpatient eye surgery in January. I’m really excited because it will help my vision and also remedy this awkward head tilt thing I do. I’m all for anything that gives me more vision and less awkwardness. 
2. Flying to Boston a week from Sunday. Going to spend a few days in Salem Massachusetts and Portland Maine. I’m really excited because it looks so pretty.  Lots of travel in the works. Planning a trip to Seattle and Vancouver in the spring.  Scotland next fall. I’m a homebody by nature, but I do have a bit of wanderlust in me. There’s so many places I want to see. 

3. I’ve mentioned this before, but over the last couple of years, I had kind of lost my soft demeanor. I was really starting to become jaded towards people. It felt like there was just one betrayal after another. It was starting to make me bitter and really untrusting. There was a hardness about me that had never been there before . However, something has started shifting in me recently and I feel more like the old me. I’m learning to let go of grudges and bad feelings. I’m really feeling my humanity again and my empathy is in the driver’s seat, but what’s with all the idioms? Geez. 

Look we are all screwed up. Sometimes people hurt us and sometimes we hurt people. Hopefully, without intent or malice, but it happens. In our society we are so quick to cannibalize someone simply for making a mistake. It’s really disturbing when people find joy in the downfall of others. I wouldn’t wish pain even on my worst enemy. Negative energy just breeds more negativity. 

I’ve always worried that I was too soft and empathetic, too much of a sucker. Mostly because other people labeled me as gullible and too Pollyanna-ish  I realize now that I would rather be soft and kind, than angry and petty. I just want to love people and be giving. Just don’t make me hang out with them. Still clinging to my antisocial self. Ha!

5. My lovely penciltastic frienf Eric has a new book out. It’s titled Pantheon and it’s a must read. He’s such a gifted writer and a wonderful human being. A little about the book:

“Eric Syrdal’s Pantheon is the novel told in free-verse that you never knew you needed to read. Epic in scope but always deeply rooted in its humanity, it defies genres and expectations. “Pantheon is a thrilling philosophical journey exploring the depth and meaning for one passing through a metaphorical world of inner demons and dragons, goddesses of the soul, of warrior and poet. A journey that crosses boundaries of time, space, and perception. I am captured by the intimate revelations of this intuitive and sympathetic protagonist battling the dark ages of his subconscious moving instinctively forward into innerscape, relying upon and exalting the virtue goddesses that guide and deliver him from barbarity and trial by ordeal both physical and spiritually as he transports from one state of being to another, from one point of time to another”Holly Rene Hunter””

You can purchase this little gem by clicking the link below.  

Quote for the day

Happy music 💕


30 thoughts on “Thoughts and Things 

  1. Miss the chats we had, and understand how you feel. Life does have it’s hills and valleys. But we should always stay positive and avoid the pitfalls, because things do change when you have faith. My husband almost died and has Alzheimer’s, but my faith and prayers in the Lord breathed life back into his body…he’s home again. Maybe one day they’ll discover a cure for this disease. Safe travels, dear friend. You are a special and gifted lady.

    Love & hugs,

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  2. Dearest Belle! Thank you so much for the mention of the book! I am so glad you are feeling more like your old self. Yes, I too have realized in my older age that holding on to anger only makes me feel terrible. It never seems to have an adverse effect on the ones I am angry with. So I agree we should all learn to live a little lighter.

    Much love always, Pencilmazing! ❤

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  3. It is always nice to hear from you oh lovely Tosha. I enjoy fall myself. I had the opportunity to enjoy a New England Autumn for the first time even though it was only in Connecticut. I rode two trains, well three trains, well, a trolley while there. It was fun. I have been to Boston but not to Salem. I hope to visit there someday. I hope that your eye surgery goes well. You do have lovely sparkly eyes, but you need your vision. I understand the people thing. Unfortunately, most of them still hate me to this day with no intentions of making up, but I can chat with lovely people like you who shows love to her friends like Eric by helping him promote his book. It is always a pleasure. Maybe we will meet someday. Until then, enjoy yourself. Do not allow the grungy people to get to you.

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    1. Good morning. It would be lovely to see you one day and have lunch. I can’t imagine anyone hating you, you seem so kind. People can definitely be complicated. Anyway, it is finally cool here, really loving the weather. 💕

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  4. Love this part: …”I’ve always worried that I was too soft and empathetic, too much of a sucker. Mostly because other people labeled me as gullible and too Pollyanna-ish I realize now that I would rather be soft and kind, than angry and petty. I just want to love people and be giving…” I can relate to this, and have found that one of my greatest joys is giving to others (without necessarily letting them know!) You give a lot to others…so enjoy it!!!

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  5. Firstly, I am sure the eye surgery will solve your eye problems. My best wishes for that. Secondly, it’s okay to be a soft sweet person even though not everyone will be the same way. But you being yourself is the best way to heal this world. Because the world needs more sweet and loving people like you! Stay happy and sending you loads of positive vibes ❤️

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