She Carries On

She’s been taken down
by the moon.

Forgotten by the air.
The stars affixed to some
other someone had no time
to care

She’s felt her soul.
break, then drop.

There’s been pain
and muted mutters.

Her life madness-
after-hours spent
after wishing.

There’s a ditch
and then the digging out.
only to find some jerk
is burning brush at the top.

She’ll turn the seared ashes
into shimmer and lace.
with a smirk and a wink.
she tears the wolves apart.

Knowing there’s still time for
another dance, another daring kiss.

Life is all in the darkening.
The brightening.

Her eyes lit.
Her face flush.

She wraps herself
in flames and carries on.

-Tosha Michelle 


45 thoughts on “She Carries On

      1. It is a good Thursday now that I am home
        for my main job but ready to do the other job I enjoy, writing travel and railroad articles. I hope that YOU have an exceptional Friday and that Florence will not rain on your parade.

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  1. This poem is a perfect breathing out of an emotional fulcrum, the perseverance to continue. The resolve to make yourself a person despite isolation and alienation, to be abandoned by the cosmos and the very elements, may we all carry on, and recycle the detritus and smoke into breathable life. 💜💜💜 this poem, needed by me zactly now, again.

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    1. Thank you lovely. I’m happy it resonated. You definitely strike me as someone who knows how to survive and carry on even in the bleakest of times, I respect you for that. Sending loads of love your way. Say hello to your feline sidekick for me too. 💕

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  2. sigh………….cry……………why………….bye………….

    Creature comforts: kitties, chocolate, wine by the fire, bedrest, comforters, warm laundry, poetry, books, chatting on the phone for hours with girlfriends, hot cocoa, lists (hee-hee), crafts, art (making it/admiring it), warm pajamas, seclusion, nature walks, the ocean, the mountains, the earthland… what more?

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  3. “She wraps herself in flames and carries on…” Wow do I love this!! The searing pain of heartache does indeed feel like wrapping yourself in flames. It does for me anyway. But still…we carry on. Fabulous Tosh!

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  4. Bonjour ou Bonsoir mon AMI ou AMIE
    Il est l’heure pour moi de te donner un bisou
    Alors sans faire de bruit pour ne pas te déranger
    Je vais traverser le chemin qui me mène à toi
    Et je le déposerai là devant ta porte
    Ce petit bisou avec un petit café

    Je te souhaite une excellente journée ou soirée

    Profite bien de celle qui est ton heure de
    Joie pour ta journée et de merveilleux rêves pour ta nuit
    Peut être ce joli lieu

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