Grace Revolution 

I have a birthday coming up in Sept. Hint, it’s the 4th and I accept Dior and cash. Ha! I really need to revamp my joke collection. I’ve been in a reflective mood as I approach another year in the life.  Looking back I’m kind of amazed at how I’ve come into my own over the last decade. Talk about a late bloomer. I hope I never stop blooming. I’m already well on my way to becoming a blooming idiot. 🙃 Really though I’m my worst critic but I’ve achieved some really wonderful things. I need to own that instead of being so down on myself. Yes, folks.  I’m all kind of amazing. Ha!

Life is good, even though I have my battles with depression and anxiety. I can be really miserable and morose, but can’t we all? On the upside,  I’ve just started a new career and I’ve really become focused on health and fitness. I’m also realizing that aging is something to be grateful for. It means we’re alive. My parents inspire me everyday. They’re still so youthful and utterly cool. Let’s be clear, I’ll never be cool, even if it’s in my DNA. I’m too me for that. What I do have is a childlike innocence when it comes to certain things and a nerdy girlish charm that hopefully will keep my soul young indefinitely. 

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to give you lovelies one my goofy lists, inspired by my upcoming birthday. So without further preamble…

Life Lessons Learned (thus far)

1. Chocolate is everything! 😜
2. Age is how you define it. it’s all about your perception. You can feel old at 20 or young at 70. It’s up to you.
3. A lack of compromise and effort in relationships often equates to a lack of care and respect  Don’t ever settle for that mess. Take note of how people treat you. Listen to what their actions are saying, even if you don’t want to believe it.  Sometimes people stop caring and trying. Accept it. Denial just prolongs the anguish.
4. Sunscreen, moisturizer, vitamin C and A are friends your skin should know. LED light therapy is pretty terrific too. 
5. Emails, books, emotions, and my closet can sometimes get out of hand quickly.
6. Be kind. Treat others the way you want to be treated. If you wouldn’t like it if they did it to you, don’t do it to them. It’s not that deep, folks. I wholeheartedly believe in karma. I wouldn’t messs around with it too much. Plus, I believe in love and humanity. In short don’t be a jerkface cruddy human being. Be kind. 
7. It’s okay to be awkward, nerdy, and weird.
8. This one I’ve been working on recently. Hold your head up and stand up straight. There’s something lovely about an elegant posture and a confident gaze. Look people in the eyes
9. Take care of your skin and body. Workout. Eat good things and never stop moving. It’s not about being model thin. It’s about being healthy
10. Note, eating good things for me is burgers and pizza. That’s why I have to workout. Ha! Really though  all things in moderation
11. Women embrace your femininity . It’s such a powerful thing. I love being girly and soft
12. Limits are for things like speed and alcohol consumption, but not for dreams and goals.
13. Never stop learning dreaming and setting those goals.
14. Change is the one bit&@ you can always count on.
15. Commitment and loyalty are my jam.
16, By the way jam belongs on toast. Strawberry please.
17. You can’t trust everyone.
18. When you do find people who get you and whom you can trust, never let them go.
19. It doesn’t matter what others think of you (except for those mentioned in number 18) It matters what you think of yourself.
19. Happiness doesn’t come from being younger, smarter, prettier, or better than someone else, it comes from being comfortable in your own skin, loving the things that set you apart, and embracing your inner Audrey Hepburn or dork in my case. Ha!
20. Manners matter. Be polite.
21. Solitude and nature are glorious.
22. It’s okay to stay home and get cosy with your sofa. Wow, that’s came off as weird. Tonight on My Strange Addiction… haha!
23. Sometimes living will make you sad. People will hurt and disappoint you. Trouble will come. Dark turns happen daily in life and lists.
24. Live regardless. Make poetry and music out of the sorrow. Keep going. It’s bound to get better. 
25. Listen to your heart and intuition.
26. Living in your head can be exciting and harrowing. Our minds are our greatest sex organ but they can also be a gateway to a torture chamber. I suppose if you’re into S&M, they can be both. It’s just got weird again, right? 🤓😜
27. Cats are wonderful. My cat, like the aforementioned chocolate is everything.
28. Live in the moment, plan for the future, and give the past the respect it deserves.
29. Enjoy the simple things. Find beauty in the mundane and even life’s mishaps. Sometimes those mishaps can lead to the greatest adventures and really funny memories. Seriously, don’t let the little things spoil moments that can be really precious. Be grateful. 
30. Lastly, turn regrets into lessons, and let them teach you how to be better. Don’t hold grudges, misconceptions, or porcupines.

And now a song because that’s how I like to end my blog posts and lists. 💕 Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.


60 thoughts on “Grace Revolution 

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Happy early birthday, too. You’re pretty darned awesome and I am glad that our paths have crossed on WordPress. I’m always impressed while reading your thoughts. It’s almost as if I’ve known you from somewhere/time before. All the best to you as you adventure on! 🙂

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  2. This is a delicious dose of fine lessons learnt and …. your excellent writing. Found myself nodding so much I have more flexible neck ligaments now. Luv ya bigtime ma’am! 👏🏻❤️

    Liked by 2 people

      1. It was my pleasure!! I always love sharing great writing with followers!! Happy Sunday to you too!!! Also, just remember age is just a number and doesn’t have to intrude on how you feel!! I hope you are planning a great celebration!!

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  3. Another September baby….Cool.

    For what it is worth, I think you’re pretty cool and I’m sure so many other do as well. Keep on being you. 🙂

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  4. Chocolate is everything & I don’t think you should trust anyone who doesn’t like it. Harsh, but fair.

    To be more serious, living in your head can be tricky if your one of those people (like me) who doesn’t feel comfortable expressing feelings. Sometimes things are not quite as bad as you think you are, and some people may not be quite as bad as you perceive them to be. But…yes, trust your gut & instincts.

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    1. Thanks knack knack. Ha! I tend to repress my feelings until they come out in an avalanche. I’m fine when it comes to expressing love but hurt not as much. Oh and you are spot on about the chocolate. People who don’t like it clearly are wackadoos ha.

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