Find The One


Find the one who focuses on your
mind and not just the shape
of your curves.
The one who disrobes
your soul before discarding
your clothes.

Find the one who doesn’t
only immerse himself in
your softness, but in your
tangled spirit too.
The one who isn’t afraid of
your summer storms, or the
way you wear your imperfections
like a tree weighed
down by its vines.

Find the one who will listen
to you even when your tune
hints of dark dissonant notes,
and a song composed in rain.
The one who is hungry to
learn your history and how
each blade of grass shifted
and grew.

Find the one who sighs
your name not with regret
but with aliveness.
Seduction in the frequency
but tenderness too.
The one who loves you
whether the stove flames
or the kettle burns.

Find the one who sees you.
not just in the sun’s reflective light
But when the sky dims too.
The one who looks at you
like you hold spring in your
hands, the bluebirds, the
green grass, and a thousand
wildflowers too.

-Tosha Michelle

72 thoughts on “Find The One

      1. I hope to go back one day. Depends what happens around the world in the meantime.
        On a bus from Sydney to Melbourne currently

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      2. I don’t think I have any issues of safety. I have a magical ability to always be invisible to CCTV.
        One passenger has already annoyed me. I have just said an extended gratitude prayer to Lady Luck that the chances of me ever finding myself married to any of the 9 degrees of marriage, to him, are damn near impossible 🃏🎲
        In the reality the prayer just stops me from settling him down like his privilege never did.
        I empathize for all decent men with daughters. At least my cat never brought home a boy cat who couldn’t hip hop and wore his jeans like he was the prison bike.

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      3. Haha! Give it time. Some street cat will try to corrupt your baby, it’s sounds like she will reject him for the cute nerdy cat who reads books and wouldn’t dream of stealing her treats 😜

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      4. I will pick mine up from the cattery in about 12 hours. She’s 15 and tough. Thyroid and kidney issues now though. Her spirit is as strong as ever though. I wouldn’t spend money on keeping her alive if she weren’t still in good comfort.

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      5. With what I have survived, and what humans didn’t do to help me, that cat has been the most valuable asset in my life and recovery.
        At 28 I went back to playing footy and over the years working with footy clubs locker room jokes about my being single and living with a cat were nipped in the bud very succinctly. Funny how a lot of guys in the area with behavioral problems really respect my cat and care about me. Cheyenne has no reverse gear when started. I have been helped by her from the hell I survived. The cat has honored my brother and best mate who both died sticking with me. Animals don’t lie. They simply do.

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      6. Got her home now. She’s not due back the vet for a while now. I don’t look like going interstate for a few months. She just eats and stays warm through the winter now.
        How’s your week looking?

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      7. She’s home and back to her norty torty leo self again. She is the principal tenant of this place.
        Monday lunch here. My diary probably needs a real estate agent to sell space in it despite the fact I look like running on a minimal budget forever. Lol
        Full moon phase starting.

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      8. You too. Moon in Sagittarius now. At her zenith in just under 8 hours.
        Nearly finished the first season of this Netflix series called Hemlock grove. It’s making more sense as it develops. I like the modern gothic edge. Ambitious project by the producers.

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      9. Haven’t heard of it. Just finishing season 1 of Hemlock Grove.
        Saw Deadpool 2 on Sunday. Did you know it is a Fox production in association with Marvel????!!!!!
        Gobsmacked. Disney took the power from Fox when the Prince of Saudi had all those against your country under house arrest. This ruler of Saudi may just be able to broker something more peaceful as oil moves way for other energy sources

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      10. My folks saw that on Sunday. My mother liked it. Me old man was diplomatic in saying it didn’t do much for him.

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      11. I heard it has a good plot device. Don’t know what films I plan to see next.
        Reading a bit of Norse mythology… playing more music lately.

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      12. My brother said it was HEALING. It most certainly is many positive things. If our universe was created we were sung into Life.

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      1. I’m laughing so hard. Is “chicka” a spelling mistake or am I just not cool enough to know what it means?
        Happy Sunday to you too!

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  1. Wow, Tosha! I think this is one of your very best!!! Made me feel a cool and gentle spring evening breeze and felt like your words were being whispered by the Universe to every woman as the wisdom of the ages!! Truly stunning!!
    Bellissimo, Tosha, Bellissimo!!!

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