What Love Is

Cool Artsy Shoes

Love isn’t
a weekend in Belize.
It’s not flattery.
Rarely, the perfect fit.
It isn’t cake and schnapps
or a walk by the river
with Thoreau

Love is
a photograph cropped,
rearranged, often marred
It’s an arsenal of joy,
of pain, a loaded gun
Locked, fired, reloaded,
fired again.

It’s salty, gritty
rarely sweet, at times solid
at others, a noddle slip
off a chopstick.
It’s a Rorschach test
a complex algorithm
disordered thoughts

Films never get it right.
Songs sometimes do.

Love is
a chalkboard lesson,
in Mechanics and
Special Relativity

Love is
a Dixie cup
full of gin
the brush of angel’s wings
horse’s hooves in hell

Love is
but when it is,
it wears sensible shoes.

-Tosha Michelle


39 thoughts on “What Love Is

  1. Love is life and you covered it all and covered it well, Tosha. Brilliant!! Did you have someone in mind with a weekend in Belize? 😉



  2. One film that got it: Sounder. Maybe also The Painted Veil. Maybe also 42, but biopics might not count and the other two are based on novels, so they might not count either? Love the shoes too. 💜

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      1. Thanks you too! The stanza about difficulty and chalkboards and relativity corresponds to the painted veil, angel wings and horse ‘s hooves fits with 42, salty gritty solid fits with Sounder. 🙂

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  3. Ha! I have to laugh because it seemed you had a little bit of a thumb on the scale with this! All true but it is counter-balanced a little more than stated, just me. The moments that are heavenly and wonderous, comforting and sweet, keep us in place and coming back. Reminds me of the recounting of an experiment with white mice where the reward for going through a maze was a hit of cocaine. After that there was nothing but the mouse came back a thousand times trying for another hit and died of starvation. Sometimes love can be like that only we usually are granted another hit from time to time. LOL! Thanks for sharing – Bravo

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