World Enough (In Terms Of)

You’ve taught me how far
I can go toward myself.
No need to run from who
I am.

That’s how it is with us.
Windblown fragments,
two are we.
Sometimes composed in rain
We always find our
sunny composure.

We converse fluently in
a language only we understand.
Your face never lies in the
way wedding songs and
lovers sometimes do.

In my head you’ve cut a groove,
leaving your initials there
Absolute. Right. Permanent.
They tell a story even when
my mind shifts and happenstance
grabs the pen.

The darkest ink is not dark enough
to eradicate the thought of you.

Our friendship  a sonnet to pathless
woods, always ready to explore.
We reach for a state of grace,
Knowing life can only get worse, but
better too.

Tosha Michelle


24 thoughts on “World Enough (In Terms Of)

      1. That’s wonderful. Always enjoyed your writing. I’m not around as much but hope to be more active by May. I’m currently working on a research project that’s eating into my time. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Look forward to reading your work again.


  1. There is a type of omnipotence in the object of love in this poem. The lover is experienced as a tenacious omnipresent consciousness, the very name of which is engraved on the brain, the seat of soul and spirit. The power of this love is both wonderful and frightening, to have given oneself over to such a force, especially since there runs through this poem the sense that this might not be as permanent as it feels. Wedding songs lie, lovers sometimes lie, and even if they don’t willfully lie, we know that we will all find a place one day as our bodies diffuse out into pathless woods leaving the other alone, if even for just a season. The poet herself has a bit of a terror at the strength of their bond, else why should she have been looking around for an ink dark enough to tattoo over the story and presence of her lover? There is a recognition, no matter how strong our bond feels, we are fallible, we are human, we are mortal.
    So what is this force that takes a step outside of the frail human confines toward a larger power? What is the synergy that occurs when two mere “windblown fragments” (fragments of what – the world, the divine, the collective?) reach toward the grace that comes of their union? The source of that grace, perhaps the very source of the divine is in the principle of love. The capacity to forgive, to hope, to trust, to live despite the vicissitudes. Tosha, I felt like I could not breathe this morning, I knew I was breathing fine, but each breath seemed a burden. I looked on the reader to see if the world could through me a bone, and you sent me a fine lovely morsel. I read this poem putting God in the place of the lover, and felt a peace come over me. If that seems to look beyond the mark of the poem, I would counter that there is a large and lovely repertoire of God as the lover of our souls, as the bridegroom who gathers his people like a bride into his arms. This is a personal, loving, tender, God. Good job you little mini-Isaiah. Thanks. Lona.

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  2. 💖 it! So much truth to be found in these beautifully composed thoughts, of few words.
    (Wind blown fragments) 💙
    (even when my mind shifts) – Without my knowledge of will😐 Truly beautiful’ Tosha. xoxo

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