In another life
I might look back
In this same life
I must move forward
Walking over the chalk
outline of what used to
be beloved
Turned to dead on feelings
windblown and forgotten
Lying there in a monochrome
field with strokes unmade
by a careful hand.

No time to listen to
ghostly voices that lingers.
No time to converse
with a displaced soul
who spoke only in
in affection that lies
and the next best thing.

Now is the time to listen
to the pitch of the future
as it plays by ear.
The sweet bitter melody
of the disenchanted.
and heart sick.
Lyrics written in a book
of blue to be left behind
as we journey into
a strange new city.
riding on the backs
of clouds hung low
Minds crystal even
though our faith
has been tried and convicted.
Breathless and alert
Hope, the call note

-Tosha Michelle


21 thoughts on “Footnote

  1. Beautiful piece Tosha. I love that this speaker is moving forward and had hope for a better future. I love the last two lines: Hope, the call note / beckons. B/c that is most important. Your song made me think of Jennifer Lawrence singing “The Hanging Tree” in the 3rd Hunger Games movie. In a similar way her song is a call to hope against the Capitol and President Snow. Both your poem and her song as Katniss (learned from her Dad) are both in there own way, a call to action.

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