15 thoughts on “Music Tuesday.

      1. Miss Tosha Michelle. I’ve had this great honor befriending you 2 years ago and I think I should be the first one should let you know and I’ve decided to move on with the next chapter of my life meaning I’m going to close down my WordPress account and never return ever again. Thank you for the comedy that you have provided me with throughout the years thank you for the kindness that you have shown me in the short little while thank you for being the number one reason that my bug became popular only because I stole ideas from you but I wouldn’t say stealing I borrowed them because they were so good they had to be in more than one space of the internet. Yeah where I’m going with this? Take care of Tosha and your little Cat 2. Maybe one of these days you’re going to see my book on the shelves and kindly say to yourself I know that guy he put writers like Whitman Angelou and Robert Munsch to shame. He has great hair it must be because he’s Canadian. Perhaps that’s what Canadian Blood is made out of Tim Hortons Donuts and maple syrup?💗👣💌

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  1. Tosha, quite a beautiful song. Did you write words AND music? It that you on the piano? I loved the emotion and could truly relate, having my own “almost lover” in the late 90s. I see in your personal bio/description that you are an academia addict. Me too. There’s way to much to learn, far to many books to read, and just not enough time. Learning is my next favorite thing after sex. (Blush!) And musical preference includes “lots of brass.” Yep! That and the occasional wind wood.

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    1. I’d love to take credit for the lyrics and music but they were actually written by A Fine Frenzy. Thanks so much for listening. I do enjoy learning. Music is a passion and sex is up there too. 😜😊. Happy Wednesday to you and your almost lover,wherever she may be.


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