Sometimes we have to
carry what we can and
discard the rest. I’ve
been talking inventory
of my life, trying to
decide what to leave
in, what to leave out.
My back sore from
the weighted
backpack of other
people’s burden I
lug around. I’m
cutting insanity from
my life with no written
apology. I’m burning
bridges so drama
can’t follow me home.

There are people I can’t
live without. People who
litter their bedroom’s floor
with clothes and always
forget where they put
their keys.

I do my best to give them
my time. I give them my right
not what’s left.

Tonight I say a prayer to
the God of humanity, to
give me people I can
love and dispense hope
and the courage not to
wish away my plea.

Tosha Michelle


30 thoughts on “Matter

  1. Beautiful, my dear friend. That baggage only tires you out and drains your energy. I pray for your well-deserved happiness.

    Love & hugs always,

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  2. Very nice Michelle! God ,i think ,always listen us -specially when speak to him (or her) ,with clear soul! Have Big Ears ,i think ! Sometimes also ,i think ,he speak to us .or advice us! Maybe i think sometimes ,i think i listem him-or her- to tell me to became better ,or to try harder! In Ancient Greece ,for be sure that some God ,will listen us ,we have 12 Gods! The “boss” was DIAS ! Wich you think are the God? Male or Female ? Have a nice evening i wish you ,from Greece!

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