To paint the day in joy, a birthday poem for Tosha Michelle by Tracy Diane Miller

The very talented and always thoughtful Miss Tracy was gracious enough to write me a poem for my birthday. It was unexpected but such a lovely surprise. She truly is a gem.


To paint the day in joy, a birthday poem for Tosha Michelle by Tracy Diane Miller

If I were an artist
Do you know what I would do
I would paint the day in joy
All to celebrate you
What color is a smile
To decide may be tough
To capture the vibrancy of laughter
What color is enough
Could I call upon a Renoir
Might a Monet know the hue
A masterpiece of emotion
Leaves work for a heart to do
Maybe the heavens know the answer
I could ask the clouds to speak
The wonders framed in nature
Surely must know these colors my heart would seek
To paint the day in joy
A poet writes the words
For poetry holds no judgment
In the love that is often heard
A Muse may be tired
A Muse will not rest
To journey through my soul
For the words…

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84 thoughts on “To paint the day in joy, a birthday poem for Tosha Michelle by Tracy Diane Miller

  1. A beautiful soul with a gift that touches many hearts. Tosha you are a incredible person full of life, Happy Birthday T blessings hugs and kisses to you much love. Have fun enjoy laugh smile and do everything you want.

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      1. It is a nice appetizer. Cutesy is adding rose petals in a path leading to them with a choice of 2-3 main dishes, when I used to cook a lot:)

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      2. Sort of too which part? I know you are less experienced but you have dreams and words that will get you anything you want and realize something I did a long time ago. You can be with one person who wears many hats and that keeps you needing less experience as you become more. When pretty young, older girls thought I was a good 5 years older and in a different school when I was running Varsity in 7th grade. It was definitely a lot of learning

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      3. I figured about that. I moved in with my HS crush, not so much sweetheart. We both applied to schools in the same state but never the same school and settled in Texas. I realized that I loved her but was not in love with her. I stayed with her for all of the wrong reasons. My ex wife captivated me and I got married at 33.

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      4. Yes it is a better time. Just she was well under rated at her job and I was a leader in my profession and my side jobs and I got hit with a huge decrease in pay and I got her a head hunter, had her get her masters and she went up 300% and it went to her head. But I kept trying. At least we still talk friendly after

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      5. It took a while though. We did not have kids which normally makes it odd but we talk here and there. She was very happy about my move here.

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      6. It is not bad:). Do you have 2 kids as I remember a post months ago? How old? For some reason I am the only one in the family without children and there were no physical issues, just my body thought better of the idea I guess.

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      1. Wow; What an awesome surprise! I just got it! And here it is your birthday, and I should be gifting you! Well, thank you so much for the beautiful rendition of “Leaving On A Jet Plane”! I will never forget this; you are so special, and so kind! Thank you so much, Tosha! ❀

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