38 thoughts on “Out of the mouths of babes 

      1. Yeah I know WordPress made a mistake I had them fix it and they still can’t find the website. However I think I figured out the problem perhaps if I figured out the problem maybe I should be working WordPress rather than other individuals trying to fix the problem.

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  1. I had an awesome 8 year old and when I started poetry and did an Acrostic, she was amazed and then floored when I did a paired up double. She started doing them, a very smart young lady she will be

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      1. Yes it was. But I realized that she should not be on my site when I changed how I wrote, I put disclaimers for her and in some instances told her to avoid certain posts.

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      2. I will. An expected monkey wrench got thrown in. But to those helping, they did not expect it and I asked do you see what I have been dealing with?

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      3. Yea plus her bf keeps stalking my site and I went 2 months wo mentioning them and he keeps digging into the site hitting it 100s of times in minutes and lying about it. Plus he lied about the wifi he kicked me off and I check the wifi connections as sometimes I lost signal and saw the names he used and confronted him about that too. So I wrote a cpl of just titles and non specific until an hour ago and again a title and he somehow got my younger sister’s number and started calling her this morning saying he will get my ticket cancelled like he thinks he can. He’s harassing my lil sis bc either he hacked the elders phone rifled thru it when she wasnt watching or asked and my sister gave it. I said just block him

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      4. Yea he has the router of hers set to fbi surveillance van and I cracked their password but I made a few fake posts that were just titles and nothing in the body, made them password protected and he went nuts trying to crack it. LOL. he is too dumb for me, but I toyed with him after he kept viewing and he harassed my lil sis yesterday am and he deserves a beating. I wrote another title only and he went bananas. I love d bags that pretend they can do things they can’t and also pretend they can fight. I just laugh at them.:)

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