Say Something

“Say something, I’m giving up on you
I’ll be the one, if you want me to
Anywhere, I would’ve followed you
Say something, I’m giving up on you”


My vocal cover of “Say Something” by A Great Big World



76 thoughts on “Say Something

  1. At times I wonder if you are in the witness relocation program with all of the pic changes. Black and white, with and without makeup and shades. Next has to be a buzz cut. You could own that:)

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      1. Seems like you can get that fixed. You are on your game when talking what you are comfortable with. You may need to try some new things. Plus your pieces have said a lot. Everything except where you’ve lived or if you were ever married, but mentioned kids.Some, I would just be guessing. As for me, I grew up with the Gotti’s and Gambino’s at family gatherings. My grandfather was legal but connected and at an early age for me he was put on trial and against them and we were all in witness protection. I would be interested to see you write in different styles. If i can do it without help, I am positive you could. You could have personality changes and more. I know you only partially talk of real life, which is hard to tell and hard to hold back. I have never asked what else you do and I can only guess your show started in LA but were brought up where you are but I think we all hide at least some. I am bored to death at times. πŸ™‚

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      2. You know I was totally kidding about the mob thing ha ! Wow, to your story. I’m a Southern girl but I’ve been lucky to see different parts of the country and world. I feel like I’m finally finding my place in the world. I always was a late bloomer. My poetry is always based on real emotions but I take a lot of creative license with it. I tend to be fairly private so while I put myself in every piece, there is much I withhold.

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      3. I knew you were kidding about the mob thing as I was regarding you being in hiding. I take a good amount of creative license as well to connect but all too often they are from memories from the past. I do hear your pieces when you let yourself out for a peek. it is more often than you know. But I may pay attention more than some. I am foolishly holding off on publishing from my early stuff last Fall due to my situation. I have enough material to write a good 5-6 poetry books and some of it is pretty good. When I first wrote I just rhymed and it was prose, I would rewrite a song in my head like Weird Al Yancovich. I also wrote dark in HS but besides news that was it and then a long time went by. I hope my writing continues to improve and will start reading a bit more to do so. But I know you let out your emotions at least a bit here and there. It seems like a movie Easter Egg as there is normally one or two while being mesmerized by words that shoot out from you in different directions. When I am cryptic I have 3 levels usually. I too have traveled quite a bit while competing, vacationing and similar. I only briefly have been in your state while driving to Houston. As far as withholding I see a lot of women here that do that. I think you could drop buckets of all real stuff and next to nobody would know.

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      4. Good morning. My first will be my first WP poetry and I will throw in some of my first strict form into it. Then I think I can go haiku, limerick, or my crazy weird acrostics. But I have a lot of material.:) I have had a book cover but I still am oddly unnerved about self publishing and have spoke about it and I am not sure if the way I am thinking to go as far as it goes:)

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      5. Thank you dear. You and a few others have published. Which method did you use? I am leaning towards Amazon self pub and they have .99, 2.99 is a better deal as .99 is a 2/3rd split oddly enough and then I have seen some people have free to subscribers, I guess Amazon clients and then hard copies for 5.99. I have not had the chance to ask Amazon about that yet. I am overwhelmed of late.

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  2. Xxx….
    This song often makes me tear up. I don’t believe hearing it from your voice has changed that. I think it’s mostly in the part “Anywhere I…would have followed you…”
    Well done, Darlin. ❀

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