The Day After


He’s somewhere between a
brother and a lover.
But not my brother or lover.
He says my sighs say broken.
And because he’s near I’m
transformed somehow.
The words sound different
when they come out of
my mouth.
My form has changed, even
the evergreens take notice.
I bathe in the dappled light
between the trees.
He takes my hand and leads
me down an uncharted road,
where no one has thought of easy.
He says December is the perfect month
for skinny dipping in Minnesota.

-Tosha Michelle


100 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. This reminds me of when I met my husband. I was going through a divorce, mad at the world, a 3 year old child and determined to survive.
    When I met my husband, I didn’t see him as more than a friend. We dated, and I kept him at arms length.
    But he was always there. He was the friend I always needed, and we grew into a 22 year marriage.
    Great memories your work brought back for me today.

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  2. For some reason I didn’t see this post earlier, but your writing is absolutely vivid and beautiful. I will definitely be visiting more often ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Well the lakes are frozen in December but we do have an annual polar plunge for charitable reasons. You could come skinny dipping in July though!!! I have a very nice boat. Lol

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  4. Having a trusted friend such as this is indeed a treasure. I loved your poem and am curious as to your inspiration for your musings. Care to share? I had visions of the Polar Bear Club skinny dipping. Sending lots of love your way, dear friend. :)xo

    Ellie (Elena M)

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  5. You delivered so many perfect images as you described the hero. One thing that separates you from other writers is that your work consistly evoke emotions. Many write pretty verses, but yours can tweak a heart, amuse, or inspire.

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  6. This one captured something in me. It fits so well in my life right now. Like any kind of art, I’m in awe when it reflects right where I am at that (this) precise moment. Thank you for sharing this poem.

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  7. I’m aware what that means, potty mouth. It’s the “to” that makes no sense. Why must I teach you all the time? Hahahaha ๐Ÿ˜‰

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