How My Mind Works


Today I don’t love you.
No. I don’t think I do.
Although I was sure
once I never loved you

But now that I don’t love
you. I’m sure I did
love you once before.
Yes, I most definitely
loved you before.

And if tomorrow, I no
longer love you, then
today perhaps I do
love you, like I loved
you once before.

-Tosha Michelle


51 thoughts on “How My Mind Works

  1. Brilliant. I love the way this flows back and forth. Kind of like a tidal pool where the water is receding but you can see the line where it was before and maybe one above that where it was a long time ago!

    Brava, Poetess. ā™”

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  2. It’s it strange how love down a one way street, is like this. I once thought about the lien holder, of my heart, my thoughts & passions. As she plucked pebels from a daisy. But to say I hate him. I love him. I hate him. Ect…
    Only to realize she loves to hate.
    Even daisy’s.
    Thanks for reminding me, this freedom of understanding.
    Still crazy after all these years. : )

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  3. I love it. Confessions of a loveaholic šŸ˜€ When you love too much or too broadly I guess you don’t know anymore whether you loved or did not love in particular as the love is so global/universal. Beautiful write Tosha. I like its kafkaian nature

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      1. You are welcome. šŸ™‚

        Say, did you get a chance to read my new poem I posted? Just to give you a notice, when you read it, there’s a few hidden lines here and there about me exposing my feelings. It’s something I’m going through. You may or may not catch it but its there if you see it. I don’t like expressing myself or my personal life but with this poem in the next one coming. I make an exception.

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  4. I love this today, tomorrow, and yesterday. I’m pretty sure I will love it tomorrow. Of course, today is yesterday’s tomorrow and I do still love it. But, I really mean today’s tomorrow when today is yesterday. I love your mind šŸ™‚

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