A Life-Blue


I translate myself in poetry,
often getting lost
in the fog of my mind.
Always looking for reason
in my narrative arc.
Here I roar and rage
all I want.

My words often drip
with disdain, despair.
The story loosely based
on my life.

Some truths are
too sacred to share.
Some truths belong
solely to me.

I try to decipher
what I’m really after.
Notebooks of fire,
letters stumbling around.
The margins full
of heart lines,
trying to capture
the red hours.

My pen sits up straight
and listens to the
commands of my interior

Language spills out simply,
but with fervor.
I create something
that is mine.
Fangled trees and damaged grass.
My cameo of grit and grace.
I give you my light, my dark,
my counter winds.
The oracles of desire.

I give then to you
before they burn away.
before they become a valediction.

My gilded fragments
of a life in blue,
suffused with question marks.

-Tosha Michelle


93 thoughts on “A Life-Blue

      1. I don’t think I’ve ever been a subject before! Oh wait, I forgot about those psych trials I went through in the eighties. They were designed to make me forget, but I remember! 😉
        Like the friend bit though. X

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  1. The comedy show?
    I’m a proud yorkshire man don’t you know. 😉
    Calling me a cockney.
    How. Very. Rude!
    That would be like calling you a New Yorker.
    Ya cheeky git! 😉x

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      1. Ditto. It got me through three years on the oil rigs in the North Sea.
        Especially as I don’t like flying in helicopters and heights. Haha

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      2. And sheeeeee’s gone!
        She races to the table…
        The family have never seen such speed and commitment to her own cause!
        In goes the fork, faster than the speed of stupidity, and it’s in her mouth. 😀 x

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      3. What’s that?! Like a spelling bee for cats?!
        Hark at me knowing what a spelling bee is!
        We don’t have them in Blighty.

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  2. Your words about the pen at the command of your interior world stick with me the most here. Like the imagery and the concept within. Have a good one Tosha!

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  3. Tosha, I have the greatest admiration for your ability to paint with words and create the most amazing images to convey feelings/emotions, a true talent. Marvelous poem, I found the first three lines spectacular, setting the mood for the entire piece. “A Life-Blue”, LOVE IT!

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  4. Another lovely write Tosha. Perhaps a lot of women like me can relate to what you write about. It’s fascinating the way you describe that inner world that can seep out but not entirely with a secret garden kept only to oneself as it should be. Really lovely!

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  5. Some truths are too sacred to share. Some truths belong only to me.” I’m beginning to understand the wisdom in that stanza. Sometimes I feel like I put way too much of my heart on display.
    Sometimes things need to stay closer to home, instead of letting them wander too far out of my eyesight.
    This is beautiful, Tosha. Has a lot of things in it that I’m coming to terms with lately. Thanks for writing it. All my best..

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    1. Eric, just do what feels right for you. I’m pretty open in my poetry but for my own sanity, I do withhold some things. As I’ve mentioned before all of my poems are loosely based on a true story…some hold more truths than others. Love and light, sir.

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  6. Food for thoughts on display
    no kitchen needed to be fed your words say
    to feel alive in the silence of sounds way
    but these points were brought to life today..

    Nicely Written piece that inspired what i just wrote!! Keep up the refreshing thoughts on your mind…

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  7. A stunning admission that we don’t always share what is inside because some things do not belong outside…yet, we continue to write in order to make some sense of it…this is gorgeous poetry: bold, bare and relevant to the true nature of poetry

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  8. You have the courage to pen what most of us feel about ourselves, but can’t express as eloquently as you. It’s the human condition most experience in one form or another. Some experience it in the sunset years of their lives because they have time to reflect.

    Ellie xo ❤

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