Call. Don’t Answer.


I sometimes long to be a

name no one answers, a

name that no longer

tolerates humanity. I yearn

to take the wintery chill

of my mind and go off by

myself, to live in a great

empty space, where

the breath of solitude can

falls on me like clouds,

-The only greeting needed

the green grass. I long

to belong to none, to be

elusive as residue.

The sun in my arms,

the only embrace I


Then (as it always is)

Someone asked

“so how you been?”

How quickly the name


-Tosha Michelle


35 thoughts on “Call. Don’t Answer.

  1. You ARE a songwriter, my dear 🙂
    Do you ever watch Nashville? love that show….I could see you collaborating with some hunky guitarist putting music to your amazing poetry!


      1. I watched the show on a whim but this was the song that hooked me to the show….I think I watch the show more for the music than the story line!!!!

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      2. Oh that is too is so beautiful! I don’t know much about music but this song has a haunting quality to it….not sure if I am right but might have something to do with minor versus major notes? Only a true musician (which I am not) could tell what exactly makes it sound so “haunting”.
        The song is called “No one Will ever love you” if you type that in along with Nashville it should pop up on you tube.

        I have pretty eclectic taste…love country but also some old groups like Moody Blues, Don Henley, ELO, Supertramp, George Harrison and the Carpenters. Current groups would be Rob Thomas, Maroon 5, Train, Cold Play and so many others…..I tend to like ballads that have limited instrumentals and yet love bands that have the full orchestra (Like Electric Light Orchestra and Moody Blues).

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      3. I found it. It is really pretty. I added it to my playlist. I’m a huge fan of Don Henley and the Moody Blues. I also love Coldplay. The Scientist is one of my favorite songs


  2. I agree with Sunnyday. Your words have a musical, ethereal quality about them. I often compare your work to songs that I know, but I’ll resist the temptation to do so now, but I think that you words would work well in a song.

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      1. Thank you, Tosha! I’m happy to have found your blog, too. Writing and performing can be overwhelming at times, as you know. Sharing performances can be daunting!

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  3. Breathtaking, as always. I couldn’t agree more with the other commentators: your words have a very ethereal, musical quality to them. I can always see them performed by Bob Dylan or some equally amazing folksinger.


      1. Thank you. I have always thought so. I tend to get bored pretty easily. I hope you’re having a lovely Saturday. Headed to a surprise birthday party for a friend in a bit.


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