Crushed Flowers


And these are my flaws
My vices.
Impatience, a tongue
sharp as a guillotine.
Caffeine. Chocolate.
Sarcasm on every occasion.
And unquenchable desire
to be loved.
A heart that is an
exhibitionist who
weeps upon
my sleeve

A fear of monochrome
colors, thunder,
the undone,
petty gossip
and letting go.
A hunger to be kissed
often and with fervor.
An awkward shyness
around new people.
A fascination with
the lure of a snowbound

Not being Christian
enough to turn the
other cheek or Zen
enough to just be still.
The knowledge that my
life is unimportant
in a world with a noose
around its neck but
writing about it

I often prefer the company
of books and my cat to
other human beings.
I live nside a cluttered
mind in a pristine house.

And not listening closely
to my Granny and her
treasury of wise words
Most which I have
forgotten, but
I do recall her saying
you must learn
to take what will
be with grace,
that our flaws
bind us
to humanity,
and to never forget
even crushed
flowers are beautiful.


21 thoughts on “Crushed Flowers

  1. WOW, you never cease to amaze me with your words. We have more in common that not. You are beautiful through and through and your prose always gifts lift to my moods. I love you, dear friend. Thank you for being part of my sunset years.



  2. Tosha I, we, share so many of your flaws. But I prefer these flaws to be considered a human condition. It’s part of what makes us ‘us’. I can add nothing to your words, so I hope that you don’t mind that I’m sharing this post, so that people who read my blog can discover your words.



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