Under The Influence


Note-this poem was inspired by the song

“Tear in My Heart”  You can listen below.

Under The Influence

She’s an occupant in your bombastic mind.

She dwells there rent free

Evocative. Ethereal..Effectual.

a centaur in cortex of your brain.

Wreaking havoc on your temporal lobe

She hordes your thoughts.

The ones you don’t dare speak out loud.

She’s there in the soundless stillness.

Can you hear her?

Listen to the silence.

Can you feel her?

She’s the sound of your butcher carved heart,

the expression of you tempestuous tortured soul.

The perfect storm birthed out of a dying hurricane of nostalgia, .

She is the coldness of regret, the impish echoes in your thick skull,

drunk on the summer rain pouring down in a caustic shower

You stagger on listening to the water drops whisper

as they fall on the spider web of an abstract ghost

the fallen angel inside your head.

-Tosha Michelle


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