I Cried.


I swear I am not as angst filled as my poetry might suggest. 🙂

I Cried.

I cried for you.

Drenching my pillow.

Liquid fragments of a broken soul.

They left a trail from my heart to my cheek.

so much angst and sorrow.

a ballad of a dark kind of madness.

Tears falling down.

Each drop a cadence of gut wrenching pain.

The reverberation of nothing and everything.

Crashing down.

In a crescendo of grief.

Leaving me mute.

My version of “Clean”


8 thoughts on “I Cried.

  1. I dig it; the poem. It did not ring of “angst-filled” despite the subject matter. I’ve read through many poets here on wordpress and really appreciate when one can write strong and clean; offering accessibly for the reader (now, I can’t do this myself, haha, but I dig it when others do). I’m looking forward to more of your words.
    The voice = amazing. I rarely click on a video or song file. I have my blinders on, straight to the poems. But, I am so glad I checked out your version of Clean. I’ve never heard the original. No need. You nailed it, for me. I’ve got the birds singing out back, backing you up. It’s awesome. Cheers ~


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