Beautiful Disaster







He hides his coldness behind a mask of charm.
His true intentions only to disarm.
Lies escape his lips
That never tell.
He plays the game so well.
He is an obsession
A handsome vision
With one glance you’ll be smitten.
He’ll wrap you up tight in his contradictions.
Fanning the flames
Of your incineration.

Poem, music and artwork by Tosha Michelle



4 thoughts on “Beautiful Disaster

  1. Beautiful, Tosha. Your words remind me of what Shakespeare said, “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”

    Ellie xxoo


  2. Where to begin ~ Wow ~
    This poem is a powerful piece, “He’ll wrap you up tight in his contradictions. Fanning the flames, Of your incineration.” I think any man would dream of being the inspiration behind such words… Beautiful Disaster, so perfectly titled.

    As for the song and voice, I am simply blown away. What a great way to end the weekend with all this. Cheers, and wish you a great coming week ~


    1. Thank you. Blushing. I’m so pleased you enjoyed my creative efforts. Wishing you a peaceful and productive week.


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