Just for Laughs

We’ve been watching a bit more TV since the Covid insanity started. Here’s a few of our favorite sitcoms to binge. We could all use a little levity during these trying times. These shows always make us laugh (so grab your snuggle buddy, a blanket and let’s begin the binge).

I’ve been told I’m the Lesley Knopes of the South so it’s no wonder this show made the list.

Parks And Recreation

Miranda “such fun” I totally relate to her klutzsy moments.

Schitt’s Creek You have to adore this one. Quirky goodness at its finest.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and funny too.

And now we turn to Tucker, who doesn’t have his own comedy but should.

End notes

“This Is Us”

If you haven’t seen NBC’s  “This Is Us” you are missing out on one of the best shows on TV. The plot centers around married couple Jack and Rebecca Pearson and their 3 children. The timeline shifts between the present and the past. You’ll see the children as adults with significant others and kids of their own. We live in an era where so many television series appeal to our sense of adventure, but “This is Us” goes straight for our heartstrings . This is a show all about the beauty and messiness that is family. It will make you appreciate your own in all their imperfect, perfect glory. Sometimes, in this fast-paced world,  I think we lose sight of just how important family is and those complex ties that bind, sometimes bend, but never break. It’s nice to be reminded to hold close and cherish those who are dear to us. Family in some ways is forever, no matter how you define it. 

“This Is Us” themes of love, suffering, happiness, forgiveness, the passing of time, really speak to the human condition. Who hasn’t wanted to punch their sibling in the nose, only to turn around and hug then a minute later? Who hasn’t experienced heartbreak or fallen in love completely? Who hasn’t felt nostalgic for younger days, or found a new appreciation for their parents seeing them through grown up eyes?  “This Is Us” is all of us, mother, father, son, daughter,  brother, sister, husband, wife. It’s a show about commitment, kinship, romantic love, the love of family, and just how sacred life can be. Warning, you can’t watch the show and not cry.   Here’s the trailer for season one. See after quotes. Just last night, season three began. I was fully stocked up on tissues. 
Some of my favorite quotes from the show

Season one trailer