Of Bees, Veins, and Rage


In the aftermath, when
anger grows.
The quivering sets in
hundreds of bees let
loose inside
your veins, the mind
expletives. You shake,
it starts in
the head and works
it’s way down,
like a toxic virus, it
invades the
lungs. It takes all the
resolve you
have to hold back
bitter words
from lips held taunt
Your jaw
like a vise. Images
best left
to the imagination
all in red.
You know if the quiver
takes you,
rage wins so instead
you write
You write away the sting,
the cold,
until the fever is gone
Words and
bees, rustling with pollen,
fall like
evening from your pen.

-Tosha Michelle


Exquisite Hate


Hate can be orgasmic
There’s a certain pleasure
that comes from loathing.
For example, I hate
Jason Derulo’s music
I hate it with an almost
palpable pleasure.
I equate it to the delight one
feels when shot nerves
reach their peak and
everything explodes
Throat, voice, heart.
Climaxing in a scream
that sounds almost as
awful and as sexual
as “Talk Dirty to Me”

There’s bliss in the
release. Freud might suggest
that perhaps Derulo’s music
is just a sign of something
deeper. He might say,
“Think back to your father”
Did I mention I hate Freud?
Electra complex this, creep.

I hate spinach, the ungodly
noise of motorcycles.
the word mucus, fake flowers
Nazis, porcelain dolls,
the scent of jasmine,
Fox News, texting
pumpkin spiced anything.
People who prefer socializing
to reading, the feel of wet hair,
Wimpy, whiny men.
I adore hating them.

Detesting is delightful
It tastes delectable on
my acerbic tongue
I’m addicted to abhorring.
And love loving
so much more for it.

-Tosha Michelle

Vampire Bites


You walk in
and my sanity walks out.
I’m just your victim.
I always fall for your inescapable charm.
Forgetting it is only a ruse.
to mask your Medusa’ gaze.
Go ahead toy with me.
You always win.
Ruminate in the ruins of me.
You’re a vulture.
leaving behind death and decay.
Go ahead.
Swallow me whole.
I’m lost in the breast of your parasitic whim.
all that’s left is the carcass of a once innocent soul.

-Tosha Michelle