Scarecrows and Such.

Recently, we put our handy dandy masks on and headed downtown for a walk outside. It was a gorgeous night, perfect for a stroll. On our adventure we encountered some new friends, allow me to introduce you to them.

Happy Almost Halloween.


Happy Halloween…A Treat for You.


Happy Halloween! May your pumpkins be carved to perfection, your costumes clever, your night spooky and your treat bags overflowing.  In honor of All Hallows Eve, I decided to track down some of  the scariest videos I could find for your viewing terror.  My gift to you, watch at your own peril.  Every time I view these clips, I die a little, my faith in humanity suffers, and an angel loses its wings…You’re welcome!


 OK, I hope these little nuggets of horror, terrified you as much as they did me.  I’m off to hide under the bed. Things are eerily off today.. Paranoia runs amok. I’m convinced my cat is possessed by the devil, that the Kardashian are slowly taking over the world and our house is on top of some ancient burial ground where the spirits are royally ticked.