The Depot at Gibson Mill 

The Depot at Gibson Mills is an antique shop located in Concord North Carolina. It’s glorious. What a treat for anyone who loves vintage as much as I do.  The store is huge. I can’t wait to go back. Here’s a taste of just some of the lovely goodies you’ll find there. 


59 thoughts on “The Depot at Gibson Mill 

      1. Looks like it. I like all the old Coke products. I could spend a day (and way too much $) in a good store like that. Thanks for sharing.

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  1. Always great to go through those kind of shops.
    American ones seem to have more historical and old things than in UK believe it or not, you maybe get a few old books or an old piece of furniture but not like over there.
    Im making a lot of judgements off American Pickers lol

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      1. Sorry for this late question. I still have another 3 of your posts in my email queue to read. I will get to them soon. I am serious about not missing your posts. There were two poets who I held in that regard (now down to one).

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      2. Oh goodness, no worries. Knowing me I probably wouldn’t have remembered if you asked me as soon as I posted it. Haha! I have always appreciated your thoughtfulness and kindness. Still sad about your heartbreak but know you will prevail. If you need anything just holler as we say in the South. Always happy to listen. 💕

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      3. Seriously, heart doing pretty well. Not just saying that. I am not going to suffer someone who doesn’t want to be with me. I know I am hopeless romantic, but I am very logical too.

        Sadly, I always had 3 favorite poets in wordpress. You, my lost beloved (LMFAO) sorry for the outburst, and one other person who I considered a dear friend. But because of my ex I lost her friendship. So, I have you to find inspiration.

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