Flowers in Bloom

Spring whispers when you are near.

Breathe your name into my ear.

Tell me your stories,

especially the ones

written on ancient tapestry.

Give me flower seeds I can plant.

I’ve stumbled through the bramble

to find you.

I was not seeking this knotty retreat,

but look how my leaves

have taken to the light.

Carry me to the highest treetop.

Fly with me on the wind.

Watch over me when my mind

plays peekaboo with the dark.

When I can’t locate myself on any map,

and I’m lost a land wishing to destroy me.

Give me the gold of your heart.

The stream of your resolve.

The pixie dust of your hands.

For me, at least, your magic is enough.

-Tosha Michelle


34 thoughts on “Flowers in Bloom

      1. Air conditioner runs ALL the time! Hope it doesn’t freeze up. (I know that sounds strange, but I have seen it happen. a/c caked in ice, and stopped, during a heat wave.) Hope all is well in the Carolinas!

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    1. That’s sweet. Thank you. I like you better when you’re sick or drunk you’re so much nicer. Ha. Kidding. I always like you. Feel better. We have things to do and places to be. Alex and Tosha’s Excellent Adventures Part 2


  1. Love your new found contentment, and how your heart smiles. This was truly beautiful, dear friend. May each day bring you more joy than the day before.


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