The Next Big Thing


Big ideas are everywhere,
from religion to capitalism.
There’s always someone
trying to sell us something.
I’m burnt out on the peddling.
I just want to be left on the
side of the road while I still
have a little sanity.
Let nature stand for all I believe in.
As for faith, I’ll leave that to the sun.

We all die in the end,
the good, the bad,
the blissfully indifferent.
It doesn’t matter how well
you sing the hymn,
or if you know the slogan
by memory.

Life is freshly pressed and
the creases only hold for so long.
I’d like to believe in
the lottery, mail in rebates,
and a free trip to Hawaii.

In my crisis of faith,
I have moments where I wonder
if we all just fade to dust.
Our molecules scattered
in the wind.
Left with nothing but our
collective darkness,
where there are no charge
off or loopholes.

All I know for certain
is I know nothing.
Oh to have the wisdom of Solomon.
I look for assurance
in the clouds.
Punching the fog.
I fall back on my upbringing.
close my eyes and
pray for grace.

-Tosha Michelle


87 thoughts on “The Next Big Thing

      1. I feel that. It makes my heart sad. I feel another “hand holding” moment coming over me. My spirit breaks.
        If ever you want to speak or feel compelled to, I’m available. I’d gladly give you my personal email.

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      2. Thank you. You are very kind. I promise you I’m a lot happier than my poetry might suggest. If I didn’t have it, I would be seriously mental. It’s my way of working out things in my head. I write out my darkness so I can live in the light. As a a poet, I’m sure you understand. Feel free to write me anytime. I believe my email is on the contact page. Thank you for your compassion.

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  1. I like your blog, for the clean look, clean, clear, with a delicate art consumed. A feminine sensibility transpires that balance. And your presence, I’m working, and you happen to drop a “Like” while I am trying to run the after-sales service of the last article. Or to say, I have not finished that you’re already past.

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  2. I know the feeling and you’re right, by expunging the darkness you let the light pervade you. Faith is a curious thing; it is when you question it that it is perhaps at its peak in your heart and then it goes down, the only point being which side does it go down, the journey onward or backward. We all die but we live again, hopefully. Be well beautiful lady πŸ™‚

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  3. “It is in the clouds where you will find your answers…for who can make a sun rise and set with such beauty but God. These things do not happen by chance but by a divine and loving guidance ”

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  4. It’s a beautiful poem, your thought flow lucid and honest. I love the message, at least the message that I see for myself – looking for assurance in the clouds and having faith in nature. Again, I see fortitude in your words, inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

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  5. The peddling burnt me out a long time ago. And it’s a shame how life has become monetized in every facet. Loving your words once again, though. They bring to mind my favorite Zen idiom concerning the broken glass.. It doesn’t matter at all what happens next, whether we become dust or stars. Life, like all cycles, will come full circle. Enjoy the glass for what’s in it now in this moment, whether full or half full.. because in the end and at this very moment, the glass is already broken.

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    1. That’s lovely and profound. I spent the first part of my life believing in everything… God, people, goodness…the friggin yellow brick road.. It was blissful but unreal. There’s still an idealistic side to me, but I see the glass for what it is now. Thank you so much for your comment. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.

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      1. I think we all go through our exploration of beliefs in much the same respect, and rightfully we should in order to learn and experience life in stride with finding truth. The pleasure is mine as well.. All the best to you!

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      1. I think it’s so great that you two can come together and bond over each other’s amazing writings. And all writers, for that matter, but your bond seen here just seems so special!

        You’re very welcome, Tosha. Your kind words are always appreciated, as well. ((((Hugs))))

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  6. I go through the very same each day. I wake up shrugging and by the middle of the day I think if there was an afterlife and a God then surely he would intercede by now. Later I resolve to think there was never an higher power. There can’t be. Later I curse those who war in his name. Then I wonder why my parents still think there is and why they shoved it down my neck. Well one parent to be fair. Then I feel shit for all of the above and shrug once more.
    Then I have a nice cup of yorkshire tea and write some nonsense to cheer myself up before I pretend to attempt sleep. Day done.
    Well said, TM.
    A lovely day to you.

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      1. Does it show that we are neither wolves nor sheep?
        I like to think it does.
        And to you, Russian English Irish American lady from the south.
        I will take a sip immediately.
        Kettle’s on when you want one.

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  7. wow. deep. a keeper
    i was born
    like you
    only with a penis
    and not a vagina
    i was not wanted
    i was taunted by what i was not
    and never could be normal!
    so fuck it i found out
    and got even
    i love to rote
    to tote and cite the rites
    of the universal church
    but in the lurch
    god is quite quiet tacit
    and whispers in your ear
    to the wind
    not knowing
    whether you and He
    are coming or going!

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  8. Fear not darling, there some whom road are written,

    for they move on an on!

    One must remember to wake-up,

    when your organic self dies…

    What you have believed in has

    help carry you along the way…

    In sweet dying love chris

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  9. These lines got me:

    Let nature stand for all I believe in.
    As for faith, I’ll leave that to the sun.

    Seems like your question your faith. Or question everything.

    I don’t blame you. I used to be Catholic long time ago when I was 15. I stopped believing in god and I started question everything around me.

    Listen to this song.

    One of my favorite songs by Nine Inch Nails. πŸ™‚

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