When my heart becomes
drained from voices
and sound, the anchor
of social interaction
crushing me into stone.
I go in search
of solitary exclusion

My ship sailing away
into the gray.
The night opens
for me.
My soul’s backbone
chilled by the wind.
fingerprints unseen.

I hide out under
a hard luck moon.
In those moments
I love no one.
I hate no one.
I’m indifferent

Lost in the stillness
The shadows follow me.
They write in pencil
taking notes in
a black journal
chronicling the sadness
that resides in me.

Something lingers
in the silence, a ghost,
an echo of compassion
creeping up and taking
possession of my bones

Eventually the stars
catch my eye
giving me a provocative
wink. Pointing their
celestial fingers at me.

Singing back
my lost lullaby.
reminding me the
universe can be
mysterious and grand.

Embracing me in humanity
Folding me back
into gold,
Melting the ice
from the marrow
of my bones.

Telling me to go home
that it’s late, but not
inside me, that I can
learn to dwell.
That the time has not
come to say goodbye,
only goodnight.

-Tosha Michelle


35 thoughts on “Solo

  1. I agree with AG. I think we all go through moments such as these. Life is not easy, but your eloquent words always offer a glimmer of hope and a ray of sunshine. xo


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  2. Hello Tosha,wonderfully penned,to sail in ocean of uncertain fate is the real test.Thank you for following my blog.Looking forward to read your new posts.Best wishes.Jalal


  3. An amazing poem πŸ™‚ sometimes solitude is bliss it gives you time for introspection πŸ™‚ and for a writer this solitude brings words of wonder πŸ™‚


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