Watchmaker Analogy (Out of Sync)


A toast to the last sip of sanity,
to a friendship, I thought would never end
Drink from the bitter flute of regret
as chaos and mistrust oxidize
the palate of life

Cheers to a relationship
swallowed whole by anarchy
The struggle of bosoms buddies
maderized on sea of lunacy
Kindred spirits no more

Raise your glass to a hint of
false truths, fair-weathered faith,
famished reason, futile declarations
Assumptions paired with judgment in excess-
verbal checkmate.

Here’s to “Judas’ daughter”
Dante’s stage prop, a sterile cross,
and a refermented simulacra Jesus.

-Tosha Michelle




8 thoughts on “Watchmaker Analogy (Out of Sync)

  1. WOW! Your words are a knockout punch and I hope you never have a friend like this. I don’t know how you come up with these amazing musings, poetry and reflections about people and life in general. You have an amazing mind. xxoo



    1. One day, I promise o write of sunshine and puppies. Of course, the puppies will be killed, and the sunshine will quickly turn into rain. Kidding! Thanks for reading. You nailed the emotions I was trying to convey.

      PS Heather can’t stop raving about your banana pie. I wanna a piece. 🙂


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