Only Words.


Only Words.
by Tosha Michelle

What does it mean to be a poet?
I spend so much time with paper and pen.
Rehashing what was.
Regurgitating what could have been
Lost in my mind’s madness.
Moving like the speed of light.
Trying to catch some long gone comet in the sky.
My words hit or miss.
What am I trying to convey?
I’m stuck in creative recession.
Maybe, I’m just a fool.
Drowning in syntax and emotions.


8 thoughts on “Only Words.

    1. Thank you. Perhaps, not a fool…just foolish from time to time. I’m a melancholy being. However, oddly enough, happy enough. 🙂


  1. Whatever your tone, your words convey such depths of emotion and thoughtfulness. I always look forward to where your creativity takes you next, while appreciating where you’ve come from.

    Thanks for sharing of yourself, my friend. Love.


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