Cover me in your mesmerizing verse.

You words kiss my skin.

I’m lost in lyrical bliss.

Intoxicated by your rhyme.

Pulsating with your rhythm.

Recite your ballad between the chords of my legs.

Your anointed tongue

licks the core of my soul.

Stroking and coaxing my emotions.

Tangled up in the wildness of poetic expression.

I come undone.

-Tosha Michelle


7 thoughts on “Tangled

  1. Tosha,
    Pardon my intrusion. I simply wished to thank you for your intelligent and well written comments lately. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m not even sure you’ll get this comment, as I’m apparently on an unstable internet connection in Paris, France. No, I don’t currently live in Europe, though I used to once upon a time. Have a nice evening Miss.
    Kindest of thoughts,


    1. Jinx I just commented on your latest post. It might have you reconsidering your kind words. I can’t help it. I live to be mischievous. Thanks for stopping by. I’m truly enjoying your musings. It should be noted, I rarely comment on blogs. It has less to do with the ticking clock and more to do with my low interest rate. ha. You should feel honored. I’m kidding. All best.


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