Low on Snark. High on Truths.

0 Random Facts About Me.

1. I’ve made tripping up the stairs and getting lost in my head an art form.

2. I’m an introvert. I’d much rather stay home, nose in a book, than go out to a party.

3. People perceive me as being very open, but in truth, I am very guarded and private.

4. I have a mad crush on Timothy Olyplant. It’s innocent. I just want him to cut my lawn san shirt and feed me chocolates.

5. I have been known to break into song at random and often inappropriate times.

6. London is my favorite city on the planet. I feel such an affinity with England, the whole country. I’d love to live there for a few years.

7. I can be extremely gullible. This trait has caused me some undue pain over the years. However, I am wiser and better for the experiences.

8. Oddly, enough I enjoy cleaning. Clutter and mess freaks me right out. I know, “anal much?”

9. When I am overly tired, I can get extremely silly and chatty.

10. My thoughts are most often random and never ending. My mind refuses to shut up.

11. My favorite book is Wuthering Heights. The moors, Heathcliff, Cathy, the passion, the angst. Talk about your “Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-Roma-ma-ah!Caught in a bad romance.”

12. Secretly, longs to be a ninja, but it more like a spaced out, geeky, , retro, southern belle.

13. Injustices fuel my rage and incite me to care and do more.

14. I am socially awkward. I’ve had to work to overcome my shyness.

15. I love to sing and always longed to be on Broadway.

16. One of my favorite movies is ONCE. I have watched it over 50 times now. It never gets old.

17. I can be intense about people, places, and things.

18. I use my sense of humor as a shield at times. I can be very biting and snarky.

19I. I still believe in love, magic, and the rainbow connection.

20. I’m very much a work in progress…always striving…Always becoming.


21 thoughts on “Low on Snark. High on Truths.

      1. We geeks stick together. I’m so jealous that you live in England. I’ve spend a fair amount of time in London and always hate coming home.


      2. Ha! I’m sure I’ll go again at some point 🙂 Even when I went I didn’t do any tourist-y type stuff like Buckingham Palace or the Houses of Parliament so I should probably go back and do that 🙂


      3. Yes, for sure. I have friends who live in London so they knew all the places to go. I did get to see some of the countryside too. Juts lovely.


      4. See, I’m a city boy at heart but I love wildlife (I’ve been known to get terribly over-excited by the sight of a pied wag-tail haha!). It’s rare that I get to the countryside but I’m thrilled when I do … it’s a great environment to write in, too! 🙂


      5. I had to Google that. Life is all about balance…a little city…a little country…a little rock and roll. 🙂


      6. Quite so … but aren’t you quoting an old-school Donny and Marie Osmond song there? Thanks, I’ll have that tune stuck in my mind now 😉


      7. Ha, thanks! I’m heading to bed now so I shall probably wake up with it in my head 😦 Great talking to you though, hopefully speak to you again soon.

        Take care x


  1. Hi Tosha! Love your choice of literature and places to live…mine too. I would have never thought of you as shy. I also hate clutter, and often drive my husband crazy because of it. 😉 When I was young, I was very gullible, but now I tend to doubt more than not. (Maybe it comes with age). Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself. Always remember your present situation is not your final destinatiion. The best is yet to come, Tosha! 🙂 xo


    1. Ellen,

      I have to fight my shyness daily. I force myself to live outside my comfort zone. It sounds like we have a lot in common. I knew there was a reason I liked you so much. xo


  2. Is this the first time you’ve mentioned your favorite book being Wuthering Heights? I’m not sure I remembered that. So, if it isn’t new information I must have just forgot temporarily.


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