Kicking Pollyanna to the curb.

Removing my rose colored glasses.

Stepping down from my Ivory Tower.

Into a broken world.

Kicking Pollyanna to the curb.

Yesterday everything was disposable.

Self pity was my guide.

Always crying wolf.

For the suffering I had known.

Today the bubble burst.

Choking on my own callous disregard.

Slapping me out of my apathetic slumber.

To hell with selfishness and pride.

Eyes wide open. The blinders off

My heart soul aches

For the child who’s never known love.

Only abuse and neglect.

For man in need of a home.

Making a bed out of concrete and stone.

For the drug addict who fallen through the cracks.

Who can’t find her way back.

For empty bellies and a cruel world.

The sex slave being pimped on the street.

Only 15 years old her body bought and sold.

For war torn countries, surrounded by senseless death.

Genocide, mutilated figures, horrific acts..all in the name of hate.

Smashing my rose colored glasses against the wall of apathy.

Tearing down the Ivory Tower.

I live n the light of grace

Vowing to be a voice for change.

To take a stand, to never lie down in complacency again.

My shield hope. My sword compassion.

Eyes wide open in clarity and love.

-Tosha Michelle



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