“My wound is geography. It is also my anchorage, my port of call.”

“My wound is geography. It is also my anchorage, my port of call.”
Pat Conroy, The Prince of Tide

Coming to terms with my homesickness is a work in progress. Life is a series of transitional phases; I know change is inevitable. I consider myself a restless spirit who likes to roam. I am well traveled,, but my “port of call” has always been  Carolina.

Going back home now is bittersweet.  I take part in the activities and festivities that I took for granted before family dinners,: fireworks in the local park, eating at my favorite restaurant, walks in uptown Charlotte, weekend trips to Charleston and the Smokies., enjoying local treats, hours of gut busting laughter with my  mom, making music with my dad., seeing friends, going to Comedy Zone, or hanging out at South Park Mall, listening to Bob and Sherri. I even miss our annoying pest of a neighbor.

Texas has been isolating in some ways. I feel out of my element, out of synch…out of  step.  Life is bittersweet but I refuse to dwell on the bitter, not when there’s so much sweet to be found. I have my wonderful family by my side and of course, Tucker-Rock Star Cat Extraordinaire. I have dear friends and family, who may be far away but are near in spirit.  Thank goodness, for Facebook and Skpe.  I have my nonprofit work that gives my life worth, a fun podcast,, that I host with my best gal pal, Jane..  Soon, I will have a Masters. I’m looking forward to traveling to San Francisco this year, New England, and of course, back home.  I’m trying to look at the move as a grand adventure. There’s much to see and do here.  Everything really is bigger in Texas, the people are friendly and the food is out of this world..  I also know that this isn’t my permanent home, that more changes are ahead. I welcome them with an open mind.

My wound will always be my geography, this yearning for home, that overtakes me at time, filling  me sadness and nostalgia. However, my healing balm is love and the assurance that the memories of the home of my yesteryear are here to stay.



8 thoughts on ““My wound is geography. It is also my anchorage, my port of call.”

  1. It’s interesting to me how for some people (such as you and me), geography is so important, while others seem to be able to be at home wherever they live. Maybe part of it has to do with whether you are introverted or extraverted. I have only lived in two houses, not counting my college dorm.

    I think for me, the idea of moving somewhere far from home would be an exciting or anxious time depending where I was moving and who, if anybody I know where I am going. I am thankful that wherever life may take me, I can count on the love of family and friends like you.


  2. The last sentence of the last paragraph I am forwarding to someone near and dear to my heart who is experiencing college away from home for the very first time and , as an introvert, is struggling to make her dorm her new home and her life at college her new life. Your words are truly inspiring!


    1. I wish her the best. Change is always difficult. It never gets easier. I think as we age, we get better at adapting. I hope she adjusts to her new surroundings soon. College can be such an exciting time.


  3. She has been reading several books geared towards introverts and this has given her a much better perspective on who she is and what she needs to do to recharge her batteries and stay stress free. But I know she battles the homesickness from time to time and that quote was just so beautifully put that I just had to send it to her 🙂 For someone so young she has a vey open mind and good understanding of what makes people tick including herself which does help in terms of adapting….and yes, college life should be academically rewarding as well as socially stimulating and fun!

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