Love Song to the South by Tosha Michelle


This a poem is a work in progress.

Magnolias in bloom
Honeysuckles on the vine.
Basking in the lazy rays.
Of sweet sunshine.
Summers down by the lake.
Drinking strawberry wine.

Night falls
Singing the tune of a Carolina moon.
Dancing in time with fireflies.
Living beam,sparking light.
On a sultry evening that feels so right.

She calls to me.

Riding in an old Ford truck.
Papa at the wheel.
Little girl beside him.
His Junebug filled with love.
Granny with her Irish eyes
Sits on her other side.

Off on a grand adventure.
Either down by the sandy coast.
or high up in the Smokies.
Either way, it does not matter.
Sure to see the beautiful things.
Simple and lovely.
Palmettos trees, seagulls flapping, waves crashing.
Tall majestic peaks, vistas of blue and green.
These are the moments to keep.

She calls to me.

Lying on a blanket.
Staring at the clouds.
Daffodils swaying in the breeze
Bumblebees buzz around,.
Braves game on the radio
Cheering with the crowd.

Sunday go to meeting.
Singing In the Sweet Bye and Bye
Granny cut a hickory if you get out of line.
Dinner on the table
Chicken fried.
Collard greens and maters..
Dessert? Well. Maybe later.

She calls to me.

A chill in the air
Leaves falling to the ground
College football, becomes the reason.
Carolina or Clemson
Who will win the season?

Sitting on the porch swing.
Guitar making a country sound.
Feet tapping Hands clapping..
Drinking sweet tea
Life in a southern town.

She calls to me.

Mistletoe and holly
Aunts and uncles surround.
Grandpa is feeling jolly.
Gifts are passed around.
Heads bowed, hands clasped.
Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound.
Pass the turkey and gravy
Peace and love abound.

That soulful spiritual tune.
One of old mixed with the new.
Kinship and friendship.
Love and war;
Heartache and hate.
Renewal and Survival
A bitter sweet revival.
A prayer, a curse,
Sweet rhyme and verse.

She calls to me.




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