Scenes from A Shabby Chic Life.

Random photos from my world. Cats, flowers and books, but mostly cats. Yes, those fab felines….Tucker, Joe and Suki. Oh, and you know I’m going to throw in a tune at the end.

Music time and in keeping with the theme.


12 thoughts on “Scenes from A Shabby Chic Life.

  1. Your home is stunning, and your kitties seem to be multiplying. As I recall Tucker was king of the domain. And, your beautiful daughters are not kids anymore, but beautiful women. Where do all the years go? They seem to fly by much too quickly. Sending lots of love and hugs your way. Have a Blessed Sunday, and peace be with you all.



    1. Aww thanks, sweet lady. Both our girls live at home still. Time does go by so quickly. They have both grown into exceptional young ladies, still our babies though. Tucker is the family cat. The rock star of the group. Suki belongs to Tay and Joe to Tiff, but
      I claim them all. 😜😎❤️


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