Rules to Get Through Another Hallmark Holiday-by Tosha Michelle

1. Flowers picked, not bought. Any idiot can call the florist. It takes a special idiot to go out and create his own bouquet of suck up.


2. Absolutely no gifts from CVS or Walgreens


3. No plush toys, unless they are of the adult variety.


4. The same applies for appliances.


5. A card is a must. Extra points for a homemade one with a love letter inside.


6. Ladies, break out the sexy underwear, or better yet, no underwear.


7. Also, girls, no personal ads to your snuggly, buggly, baby boo…. especially if it’s the first date.


8. Gentleman no gifts inside a ring size box, unless it’s actually a ring…a really really big ring…

Otherwise, your night is going to get all kinds of awkward .


9. If you are alone and single on Valentine’s Day, or married and alone (hey, you never know), kick Cupid to the curb, grab a friend and go out and celebrate YOU.


10. Make love the star of the show all the time, not just on some commercial cliche holiday made popular by Hallmark. Love is alive and all around us. Take time to experience and bask in it presence every day of your existence. Embrace love. Feel love. Be love.

“Where there is love there is life.”
― Mahatma Gandhi



14 thoughts on “Rules to Get Through Another Hallmark Holiday-by Tosha Michelle

  1. Interesting. Although all points should be part of ten.
    I do feel compelled to ask what your idea of an adult plush toy is. Being a virgin it confuddles me.

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