30 Things Every Man Should Know. …at least according to ME

1. You look hot in a plain white t-shirt and jeans. Plaids and flannels too.

2. You look equally adorable in a suit and tie (every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man) Add a vest and holy hotness moly.

3. Use tools…don’t be a tool.

4. The clothes hamper exist for a reason. Use it

5. “You look fine” is never the appropriate response.

6. Being protective is sweet. Being possessive is creepy.

7. On the flip side being indifferent is never OK. EVER!

8. asking for directions doesn’t make you less of a man.  

9. Stimulate our minds. It’s the quickest way to our hearts

10.  Stimulate our bodies too. Sometimes we like to be taken (note, not out, more like against a wall, on a desk, in a car) etc.

11. it’s your presence we crave, not presents.

12. Chocolate is always the answer.

13. If you spend more time in front of the mirror than we do. We’re going to have an issue.

14. No skinny jeans. EVER!

15. Any idiot can buy flowers. Try picking them.

16. Brains and brawn are a winning combination.

17. But brawn without brains will only get you so far.

18. Confidence is sexy. Arrogance is a turn off.

19. Humility goes a long way.

20. Our relationship with clothes and shoes are none of your business.

21. A five o’clock shadow is a thing of beauty.  

22. We remember EVERYTHING!

 23. We are worthy of respect. We should never have to demand it.

24.  back your words up with actions.

25. You look cute with your hands on your hip.  Work it gurl.

 26. Love us…love our mothers.

27. Dance with us in the rain, serenade us, recite us poetry, open doors for us.

28. Cologne is a must..Just don’t bathe in it.

29. It’s OK if you don’t understand us.

30.Need us, want us. Love us. Accept us, sheltered us. Believe in us and we’ll respond in kind.





6 thoughts on “30 Things Every Man Should Know. …at least according to ME

  1. Yes, men in suits and a tie are totally adorable as are men in denim pants/shorts & t-shirts. Especially while holding tools or books! 😀 And yes chocolate is the answer! To everything! I love men’s cologne! Super sexy! I don’t think they’ll ever understand our love for clothes & shoes & handbags & makeup….lol! ;-D Another great list! ❤

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