London Calling

The thing is, nothing really can phase or touch you when you are in love…and make no mistake, I am head over heels, crazy, twerking in the street Miley style, Tom Cruise chair jumping, Taylor Swift can’t touch this.. IN LOVE!!

And whom, may you ask is worthy of my undying love and affection?

Why, London of course.

I’ve had the privilege of visiting the land of hope and glory four times now, and I am beyond ready to go back. England is such a beautiful, mystical, country. I feel such an affinity for it, perhaps, because my ancestors hail from there, or maybe, it’s just the people and the lush, green landscapes that beckon me. Whatever it is.I’m hooked.

OK, so why do I love London so much?

Let’s see there’s the sheer volume of things to do, the museums, the markets, the fashion, the music and oh, yesssssss, rich history and beautiful architecture. London is a city of culture. You can fill your days with history, adventure, and art. It’s a city so diverse and so big; there’s never a shortage of things going on. The city is alive with a palpable energy that gets under your skin and lingers in your memories long after you have gone.

And then there’s the tea, the lovely accents, the use of the words, “love” and darling “the tube announcer, minding the gap, walking over the Thames at night, the glorious parks, Indian food, THE CHOCOLATE…

London is a city of artists, of rebels, of hedonists, of intellectuals, of eccentrics, of heroes and a city full of surprises, magic and endless possibilities. At least it is to me.

“Go where we may, rest where we will,
Eternal London haunts us still.”
― Thomas Moore


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