Bite and Release


And it always starts this way
You’ve been on the phone for hours
with an aching head and heart
And he’s screaming at you
And you’re screaming at him
Wishing to God you had never met
And he’s blaming you
And you’re blaming him.
Tallying up a score of who
hates who more

And it always ends like this
Three in the morning and
he’s at your door
Suddenly you’re a parody
of every chick flick ever made
And he’s French kissing away
your crazy
And you’re caressing away
his pride
Bodies fluent in each other’s doctrine
You fall into bed and something
that is easily mistaken for love.

-Tosha Michelle


Desperate Kisses


Desperate kisses are the best kisses.
They are like velvet teeth
biting softly into my resolve.
They whisper from his lips.
Holding promises of passionate caresses
Of heartfelt proclamations
Filled with boldness and vigor
Like the hero in your favorite book.
Kisses that make you crave his touch.
and drown in his soulful look.
Dangerous, intoxicating.
The best kisses are desperate kisses

-Tosha Michelle