Nevertheless Persist 

I’ve been in a real funk recently, as you know. Questioning the merits of kindness and loyalty. This in itself has been selfish. This mindset of what’s the point of being steadfast, loving, and giving if people don’t respond in kind. I’ve come to the realization that even if those merits aren’t returned, be kind and loyal anyway.

Put love into the world. Let your karma be good. There’s no point in being bitter and mean. Definitely nothing gained from being the victim. It’s just leads to more misery. In order words, you can’t control how others react, but you can be in charge of your life and emotional wellbeing. We have nothing to regret that way. 

During this bleak period, in addition, to working out and just working in general, I’ve been watching tons of documentaries. If you haven’t seen HBO’s “The Jinix” check it out. It’s about the life and crimes of real estate heir Robert Durst. He’s an oddly sympathetic character, but most likely a three times murderer. Yikes! I also watched a documentary on “The End Of The World” cult. Very strange, indeed. It’s sad how vulnerable and lost people can be. Sadder still, when other humans prey on those in need. 

For lighter fare, I’ve discovered Shane Dawson’s YouTube channel. I know!  I’m always late to the pop culture table. For those like me, unfamiliar with his channel, Shane was one of the first YouTuber to become famous. I’ve been binging on his channel and it’s really lifting my spirits. The videos are full of humor and postive energy. He use to weigh 400 pounds and was bullied as a kid. His dad was abusive and he grew up poor. If anyone had a right to be bitter, it’s Shane. However, he turned his adversaries into something really wonderful. He lost the weight and has since reconnected and forgiven his father. In addition he came out of the closet a few years back and is much happier for it. He seems like a really sweet guy and his videos will make you laugh and cry. Here’s a link to his channel

I’ve also been watching a former WordPresser. Is that a thing? It is now.  The former WordPresser is a guy named Joe. He  served 7 years in prison for nonviolent drug charges. Prior to that stint, he was in and out of prison. However, this last time was that wake up call he needed. Three years ago he created a YouTube channel upon his released called “The After Prison Show” In these videos, he educated people about the perils of prison in an entertaining way. He goes out of his way to help exconvicts too.The really lovely thing is he shows through living an exceptional life that one can rise above their circumstancess, that one can overcome addiction and the revolving door cycle. He’s funny as all get out, but serious when it comes to making a difference. In all honesty, he’s is easy on the eyes, but very much taken by his beautiful wife. Rainey. Also part of his chatm, his love for her. You’ll truly be impressed with how he gives back to the world and refuses to fall back into old ways. Our justice system doesn’t make it easy.  Here’s a link to his channel. He’s almost at a million subscribers. 👍

And now a cute picture of my rock star cat. Tucker says “you’re welcome” He’ll be available to sign autographs later. Bring your own pen and paper. He really can’t be bothered otherwise 😎

Lastly one of my favorite Katy Perry songs.  

Happy Monday.  Fading back into the ether with Shane, Joe, Tucker, my amazing family, and a few loyal friends. See you around when I’m back in creative mode ❤️

PS.  My dad’s cat Smokey took a shine to me.  If only I were as good with people as I am with cats 😜

And I went a bit darker with my hair, perhaps to match my mood. Ha!


29 thoughts on “Nevertheless Persist 

  1. hey Lady! Good to see you here again! I agree with you on those points on Karma. Be the sunlight the world needs to grow. There is enough darkness out there.

    Much love, Belle! ❤

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  2. I think you’re right but I also think you should be aware of not being used for your kindness.
    I love the cats and your hair! Lol you need to get some merchandise from Taylors cats. I want it although I’m not even into the new Taylor. Ha!

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  3. Let the cuteness rein!!

    I have been watching the series “The Leftovers” its not about cooking tho, its a bit long winded to explain, but its got good stories and acting!

    I’m glad to hear you’re not going to turn mean, it wouldn’t suit you at all – say hi to the cats for me! XX<3

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      1. I will do, its Now TV that I get tho, I just saw the trailer on utube, I think I heard something about that guys story before! Some strange people lurking around out there!! 😮

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      2. That sounds right up my street! I saw a documentary about that guy that founded McAfee, (John McAfee) he was accused of murdering a neighbour, and disappeared for a few years on the run, sounds a bit like that!

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      1. Thank you! All takes teamwork Lots of love to you Tosha!! Your creativity and words.are so inspiring! ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Hope you will have a thoughtful and thankful Thursday, a feel-good Friday, and a sensational Saturday and Sunday!! It’s a wrap!!

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      1. since you like songs and song lyrics…
        “The colors that surround you there will be the shade of Lavender
        Shadows dancing everywhere
        Like flowers in the rain
        —Gordon lightfoot

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