High Praises


Oh Goddess of rejections,
insecurities, sleepless
nights, and the sink
that always seems to leak.

Oh Goddess of loneliness,
depression, evenings spent
looking for hope in the
foggy light of isolation.

Oh Goddess of endless
chores, mundane errands,
always lurking around,
watching me toil and spin.

Goddess of painful memories
collected in a heart jar.
Unfulfilled dreams and desires.
The oil slick of wasted time.

I love you for forcing me to feel;
As I stand here holding onto
the railing of my sanity.

I thank you for the hands
wrapped around my neck.

For each tussle with the sun,
that always hides behind
a cloud of chaos.

At least I’m still here, kicking,
and dodging, the shadow crop of
my mind. I know how to make fire,
while others still struggle with flint.

For you it was never about high praises.
You live for the forlorn.
You know the insincerity of the thorn bush.

I praise you for the shattered,
the weeds, the bee stings, the
thunder clouds, every skinned knee,
wilted flowers, the dove that
refuses to eat from my hand.

Oh Goddess of imperfection,
You know that despair is the beauty
life and poetry are made of.

Thank you for teaching me this.
My tears and words sing back
a hallelujah for the pain.

-Tosha Michelle


81 thoughts on “High Praises

  1. Tosha, this is a wonderful poem — so many quotable, repeatable lines (too many to mention!). Wow, this struck a nerve with me … thank you for writing it.


  2. Oh Goddess of imperfection
    You know that despair
    is the beauty life and
    poetry are made
    of. Thank you for
    teaching me this.
    My tears and words
    sing back a hallelujah
    for the pain.

    This. As we’ve discussed, it’s those dark moments that are the impetus for creation. You’ve captured it perfectly with your words, those feelings that are painful but create beautiful words. Well done, Tosha!

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  3. I love this poem! It ring so true with my experience. I have had such a difficult life with all kinds of childhood abuse and severe mental health problems since the age of 7 when I developed anorexia. But that has given me so much material to write about in my blog. If it wasn’t for the blog I might just feel sorry for myself but writing and having people read and respond gives my suffering meaning. Also I had a nervous breakdown in 2013/2014 doing crazy OCD checking rituals 10 hours a day and ending up in bed for 3 months. But because of that breakdown I got the medication and therapy I needed to sort out my PTSD and all my other mental health problems for good. I needed that breakdown to get well – I am now happier and more peaceful than I have ever been…

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    1. . I’m so glad you’re in a better place now. I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression most of my life so I can relate somewhat. I do find writing to be very cathartic. Your childhood must have been very painful. It’s hard to understand how anyone can be cruel to children. You seem to have found some peace with it all. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read my poetry. Sending love and light your way

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  4. words of praise…congratulatory remarks…a semi funny inside joke…yada, yada, yada and so forth.
    If you’d write crap, I wouldn’t have to repeat myself.

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  5. Ahhhhhh pain, the inevitable dark teacher in life. I see you’ve met him. Great unloading poem Tosha.
    Hope you are well. It’s been well over a month, but I’m back now.

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  6. Despair can be amazing fertilizer, provided we know how to build that fire. Your words have the mix of light and dark that all things need to grow… So many lines to love here, Tosha. Your writing pierces the clouds…


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  7. Oh Goddess of imperfection,
    You know that despair is the beauty
    life and poetry are made of.

    Once you’re able to grasp this and make her your muse and still persist, you’re on your right path. That’s my take anyway. Lovely poem Tosha.

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  8. Your poetry is beautiful. This one expresses so much and the reader can detect both the pain and the triumph. Wonderful. I just duscovered you!

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