In the atmosphere, I have fallen.
I will not wake or be woken.
In my bed clouded by air.
I lie alone but not lonely.
Uncertain of certainty.
In this brief windswept hour,
the heavens spare a glance,
or maybe just a lark
I always wish on Jupiter
thinking it’s a star.
I write, knowing I can’t
rescind it.
The words heart colored
Legible only to me.
It is good until it is not.
Tell me there’s a comet somewhere

-Tosha Michelle


39 thoughts on “Somewhere 

  1. Tosha,

    I love it as always. I really like the line “The words heart colored/legible only to me.” Sort of reminds me of my poem “Can I Be Real?” where I compare my writing abilities to those of a girl I was dating whom I thought could REALLY write. I will say everything I’ve written since my relationship with her, and my blog for that matter, happened because she lit a fire under my butt. She encouraged me to write every day. Check out the poem here:

    Keep it up girl, I love your work.

    God bless,

    Steve (aka The Accidental Poet)

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