Afternoon Annunciations

Life’s afternoons pass quickly
The buzz. The bark. The lilies.
Take notices of these things.
Eat the pear. Find meaning in the sea, the clouds, the elms.
Listen to the song of the birds,
the solitaires, the chamber music of the air.
Know sometimes the sky will
darken, but eventually the overcast grey will lighten.

Take the long way home.
Crown yourself with constellations.
Lounge under the grand oak.
Don’t be afraid to walk toward
the cliff’s edge.
If you fall, find the lesson in
a halo broken.

Bend close to the curves of ears of those you love, tell them how much you care. If words dissolve on your tongue,
give them the warmth of your arms instead.

Believe in the call notes of
your heart. Store up the
soul’s rubies and sapphires.
Drink up all the moonlight
you can.
Be more than just a stray wind.
While you’re alive, live
have faith in the possibilities,
the thorns, the rosehip, and
the ever changing pitch of
afternoons well spent.

-Tosha Michelle

Oh and….


And lastly,


34 thoughts on “Afternoon Annunciations

  1. You have such a wonderful way with words; such inspiring, soul provoking insights.
    Also, the cake I will be eating today will be of the birthday variety, marble to be precise, my favorite.
    Perfect for the guy who has a tough time making up his mind! 😉
    Have a splendid day! 🙂

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  2. Tosha,
    I’d like to get such a sweet view on life, like yours. I just leave a few words along the path…
    Happiness as a set of collected moments. Love as a decision accomplished. Light as fluid sunshine (not whiskey). Peace as fresh evenfall. Death as final flush of myself. Life as unbreakable Will of creating. Reality as a mirror to my thoughts. Coffee… Well, coffee is the sublimest flavour in all over the Universe.

    Liked by 1 person

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