Dear Female 

Better to be alone than devalued.
There’s beauty in soliloquies too.

Sometimes your optic nerve will trick you into thinking you’re falling into the soft cotton of him, only to discover it was wool instead.

If you do find a comfortable place to rest. Treat him like your favorite chocolate or mixed metaphor.

Kiss him often and don’t fear the heat of the scald. Let him read the face of your soul.

Remember, better to be a beloved lover than just a lover.

Be brave and risk climbing star laced trellises. Eat the wild raspberries.

Honey and milk under the tongue should always be spiced with peppermint and truth.

You can do better or worse.

There will be seasons of weeping willows and years of cherry trees. Savor them.

So called friends are like your favorite cereal, easy to find.

Real friends more like magic seeds but if found, can grow oak trees that will anchor your city for a lifetime.

Don’t be afraid to strike a match but expect your thumb to get burnt.

The easy way out ends on the last train to nowhere.

Trust is the taste of sunshine but know lightening is always poised to strike, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth.

Forgive anyway

No matter what your age, it’s never too late to compose yourself in the stardust and consort with the sky. You define the view.

Hold onto the roses, crushed a little each year, they’ll become the attar of you. Recognize their fragrant worth.

Don’t wear out your voice calling for someone who doesn’t answer.

Leaves always depart. Let them go.

Refuse to dwell in an asylum of your own making. Tear it down and use the ruins to build a retreat

Don’t be afraid to forge mountains bare-handed and trees bareheaded.

Always dream like a kite gliding over a serene landscape, but be aware of diseased branches out to snare you.

A million flowers bloom inside of you. Let them spill out onto the pages of the world.

-Tosha Michelle


34 thoughts on “Dear Female 

      1. You are kindly welcome and thanks for the weekend well-wishes. Hope you have a beautiful weekend, too!


  1. I loved this Tosha! Great advice and response to this song about the value of being female but also loving the right person, and being able to be yourself inside and out, to them. I love Keith Urban and think this song is great 🙂 I get to see him in September! I’m excited it’s been many years.

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    1. That’s wonderful. He’s in Charlotte in June or July. Had actually thought about going. The venue is outdoors though so a bit concerned about the weather. He’s super talented though. Really like his music

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      1. Outdoors would be lovely! But you’re right you never know. We have a new sports arena and I have never been in it. It’s for the Oilers many (NHL) so I’m excited to be there for an event.

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  2. Hated to ruin the beautiful little number “23” sitting next to the comment icon, but this was too good to go unapplauded…. Amazing work (as always)! Inspiring, in many ways, and perfect for me today, not for romance, but just for hope! Thank you. The final four lines were my faves. Thanks for the feels.

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  3. 💖Beautiful and wise 💝 The poor dust bunnies were all blown away.
    I told my sister today, after reading one of poems for first time. I threw my pen on the floor. No regrets, just more time. So many blessings to count. Thank you, Tosha.

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